Style is always in fashion
We all have unique bodies, missions and potentials, so can be our styles!
Lets show your beauty to the world!
Our bodies say who we truly are more then our personalities are aware of
Profiling style is about being authentic and revealing our uniqueness

I love to reveal your authentic beauty and make it visible.

Profile Styling balances your appearance, as well as harmonises your inner and outer messages.

Your style can amplify your best genetic potential.

Profile Styling Services

Profile Styling

A Profile Styling consultation considers the following:

  • your color and body shape analysis
  • your personality type definition
  • your visual genetic potential examination
  • your lifestyle consideration

Wardrobe Edit

During the Wardrobe Edit session we:

  • clear out the pieces that no longer suit you
  • pick out the colors, shapes and fabrics that work for you
  • rearrange your wardrobe for getting dressed and combining your garments easily
  • compile a list of additional items complementing to your favorite looks and completing your individual capsule wardrobe

Makeup Session

Creating an individual make up to make you look your best.


Personal Shopping

I preselect the garments for you in advance according to your needs, personality and budget.

The Personal Shopping lasts around 3 hours.

Creative Counseling

  • Creating mood boards and looks for fashion, theater, cinema and music industries
  • In-depth individual mentoring for living your authentic style
  • Color psychology for branding and communication
  • Special occasion dressing

Profile Styling Experience With An Expert Stylist

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