Profile Styling

Profile Styling is about being authentic and revealing our uniqueness. It means styling according to our genetic potential. It is based on visual biometrics and psycho-diagnostics. This is cognition of people by their appearance and behavior. It measures and analyzes such characteristics as fingerprints, voice patterns, facial traits, hair structure, types of movements, hand measurements, body shape, etc. Our bodies say who we truly are more then our personalities are aware of. People scan our body information instinctively and save it on their subconscious level. Though sometimes our manner to visually present ourselves does not match the information that our body gives to the others. Profiling style helps us to eliminate such a contradiction between the inner and outer message. It helps to unleash our power and realize our fullest potential. The correct color, fabrics and shape combinations create optimized appearance which reflects who we really are.

The elaboration of your unique style consists of three stages:

  • personal meeting which lasts one hour and includes visual analysis of your genetic potential, your color and body shape assessment, as well as identification of your personality type;
  • creation of your unique style Look Book;
  • one hour online Q&A session with audio recording + one month of chat support.

The next stages will be a Wardrobe Edit session, Personal Shopping and Makeup.

If needed, further in-depth individual mentoring is possible.

Profiling style emphasizes our inner beauty, as well as affects our lives in healing and balancing way. Once we know who we truly are, we can make the best out of it.

We all have unique bodies, missions and potentials, so can be our styles!

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